Why should I register to march?

To help the volunteers and the city anticipate the number of marchers and to receive any important notices. Your name and information is private and will not be sold, used, bartered or scribbled on post-it notes. Your information will ONLY be used for march-related notifications.
PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to bring your Eventbrite ticket to the march. Registration is solely for crowd management. Thank you!

Marchers who selected ‘GOING’ on Facebook or registered via Eventbrite will receive notifications if the event time or location changes. 
We advise each non-registered marcher to check the event detaiils on Facebook before heading out to the event for any time or location updates. 

Should we all arrive at 11:00am?

No… Dag Hammarskjold Plaza can only hold 8,000 people at time. Because we anticipate much greater participation, we need to stagger our start times so you’re not standing around any longer than is absolutely necessary.  Also if the crowds are far beyond the Plaza capacity, NYPD may shut us down. Our goal is to get everyone moving and to have  a peaceful and orderly march. 

Can I march with my friends?

Of course, you can march with your friends! Each start time will be planned below the maximum capacity to allow for minorvolume fluctuations and the participation of unregistered marchers. Please do your best to adhere to the start times. If you have a special need to come at a certain time, then come when you can. We need all of our voices and feet on the ground.  Check in our Facebook or Twitter feed and you may be able to find a group to go with if you ask nicely! 

Why do we need staggered start times?

To give everyone time to gather and then to march.  Moving crowds of people takes time. From the air, we will look like one enormous, continuous, peaceful and successful march. It also helps the City to manage the crowds more effectively. And we are pleased to say our City has been supportive of our efforts. 

What if I arrive and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza is full?

The NYPD will block off 47th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue for overflow. We recommend large groups assemble here.

I can’t come at my start time, can I come at another time? 
Staggered start times help us to manage the expected large volume of marchers. If the marchers converge around Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, NYPD can shut us down.  We highly encourage poeple to adhere to their start times but understand exceptions need to be made. 

I planned daycare or transportation for the published start time, but my start time is now later in the day. What should I do?
Please do your best to arrive at your designated start time. If you and/or your group arrive early, consider going to our Rise Up 2017 Activist Fair and our Eyes of the World Community Art Project at One UN Hotel (44th St. and 1st Ave. 2nd floor).

Should I come exactly at the start time or before? If we are late, can we still march?
Please plan to arrive as close to your start time as possible. We recommend either coming in from 1st Avenue and 47th Street or from 3rd Avenue and 47th Street so you are on the tails of the start time before you. If you are late, you will still march. 

I didn’t register, but I want to march. Do I come according to the start times for my last name, or wait until 4:00pm? 
Please come at 4:00 pm. The reason for assigned start times for registered marchers is to manage the crowds. If the crowd grows too large, the NYPD may shut us down. 


There will be an early rally (10:45-11:50) at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. Due to the size limitations of the Plaza, only Group 1 registered marches can attend the rally. It will be streamed and available for viewing by all! Link information will be posted when availble. 

Who will be at the rally? 
HERmonics, a group of 60 local chorus members will start the rally by singing America the Beautiful and We Walk Through (an original piece commissioned for this event)). They will also start the march with singing our National Anthem.  A final list of our speakers will be posted this week. 

What services will be there?

We are planning on having:
* American Sign Language Interpreters
* Portable Restrooms for emergency use. We have ordered the maximium number of toilets permitted by the Parks Dept. but are expecting large crowds that may exceed capacity.  Additional public restrooms are available at Grand Central Station which is along the parade route. 
* Information Agents will be stationed on all corners of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to help direct you. 
* Psych Resource Teams (PRT): Events like this can be stressful and we will have trained therapists available to anyone in need. 
* Emergency Medical Teams (EMT): There will be limited NYC EMT services. We will also have a team of nurses for minor injuries.  
   Medical teams will be stationed at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the stage, outside of Grand Central Station, and 55th and 5th Ave. 
* Seating: There will be some seating available at the rally. Due to the volume of marchers, seating will be first come first served and cannot be reserved. 
*Wheel Chair Assist: We will have volunteers to assist with pushing wheelchairs. If you require this service, please email:volunteersmarchonnyc.com so we can properly estimate the number of volunteers needed. 
   *Entry will also be permissible outside of Grand Central Station and Vanderbilt Ave. and the corner of 53rd St. and 5th Ave.  All major intersections along the route will be accessible for entry and exit. 
   *Handicap accessible portable toilets
*Women’s Services: Breastfeed or pumping stations can be done at either One UN Hotel (44th ST and 1st Ave. 2nd floor) or at Grand Central Station in the lower restroom area. 

Can I bring signs?

Absolutely. The more creative the better. But remember, children will be there , so choose your words and images carefully! 
Be aware: New York City prohibits signage on poles, sticks or handles as they can become weapons. 
*The march is the day after the inauguration. We march to remind all government officials that they report to the people. And we, the people, expect policies and behavior that promote equality. 
Signs made with prohibited materials or poles will be confiscated. You will hold the sign in your hands, just like you see in the movies and on YouTube. Hot tip: Paper towel or wrapping paper tubes are great for hoisting signage. Even more sturdy, staple your sign to a shoe box lid. (Staples…glue doesn’t hold up as well.)

Inspiration: We are marching the day after the inauguration. We march to remind ALL government officials they report to the people. We expect policies that promote equality and protect our civil rights. If your sign is featured on social media, or in history books, will they understand why we are marching? And you know you want your sign to go viral…so start working now! 

What should I wear?

It’s January in New York. We’re going to be outside most of the day. There will not be heaters, umbrellas, snow shovels, or sherpas to help you. Expect the march to last approximately 3-5 hours so wear warm, comfortable shoes. Dress in layers and be sure to wear clean underwear just like your mama told you!  

Will there be speakers?

We’re in the planning stages now. We know there will be speakers and music. The program will be posted as soon as it is finalized!

What happens at the end of the march?

The march ends near Trump Tower where we will all have a chance to raise our voices and let the new administration know we are here to protect and guard our civil liberties. Under no circumstances will any sort of violence be tolerated. Channel Ghandi. Channel Martin Luther King. We are in this for the long haul. It’s important to keep this non-violent. 

This march is organized by teams of volunteers. We are trying our best to make sure we have a safe and successful march. We look forward to seeing you at the march…and bring your friends!